QA as a Service

Testing projects of any scale and complexity - Delivering trouble-free software that meets your requirements and business objectives.


WireApps QA as a service will help you establish and maintain full control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality information. We employ latest practices and technologies to offer you a comprehensive set of software quality assurance services that ensure your software is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly before it reaches the user.

QA as a Service is flexible and covers a wide spectrum of testing capabilities by enabling particular aspects of a project be tested and retested by a number of individuals in practical settings.

A great feature of this service is the flexibility of implementation. You can choose to perform testing throughout a software development life cycle, or just to test a specific prototype build, or even to test a particular feature of a much larger project. This in turn allows efficient costs scaling.

Service Selection


Quality Assessment

Your software, application or website will be subjected to an audit that covers all aspects of the project. We assess functionality, usability, performance, code quality and security. You will receive a thorough and comprehensive report that details all detected issues and recommendations on how those issues can be addressed.


QA Consulting

If you’re in the preliminary stages of your project we can design a tailor-made QA strategy for you and start there. If not, we can jump straight into the QA process audit and QA process improvement where we will help you easily identify the fundamental problems that hinder the quality of your product, and address them.


Project-specific Testing

Testing particulars and procedures differ significantly from project to project. WireApps provides third-party testing depending on the specifics of your project. We analyse your project, identify the requirements, decide on the ideal testing method or combination and perform the necessary testing.


Managed Testing Services

We have highly skilled and qualified testers who will take on the whole scope or a portion of your testing, taking complete responsibility for the test process management and the quality of software being tested. You will be billed on a pay-per-unit basis which provides you maximum flexibility when it comes to pricing.


QA Outsourcing

Your quality assurance process will be in the hands of the optimal team for your project. This team will employ the best test management, test automation and bug tracking tools to perform comprehensive end-to-end testing while shortening the development cycle and speeding up the QA improvements.

We provide testing that accommodate different application types

Web Application Testing
Mobile Application Testing
Desktop Application Testing
SaaS Testing

Functional and non-functional testing that validates all aspects of your software.

Functionality Testing

We assess your development documentation and verify whether the software/product meets the envisioned specification and functional requirements. The process we have developed at WireApps will help you create a flawless product. We provide Ad Hoc, Exploratory, Combination and Scripted functionality testing.

Usability Testing

The success of any software, application or website heavily depends on how satisfying the user experience is. The purpose of usability testing is to improve user satisfaction by identifying useability issues related to product design framework and features. We measure the quality of the user experience your customers will be subjected to. We assess how easy it is for the end user to handle your product


Performance Testing

We provide load, stress, spike and performance testing for software, applications, and websites. Our performance testing will enable you to identify and understand the critical performance aspects ranging from average page response time and maximum user loads to possible bottle necks in your system’s architecture.

Compatibility Testing

We meticulously test your software, application, or website to ensure compatibility with all applicable major devices, operating systems, software applications, and hardware. Our state-of-the-art lab is equipped with latest computers and tech to accommodate sophisticated testing.

Automated Testing

We use a combination of tools to automate the testing process which enhances the quality and efficiency of testing. And we combine manual and automated testing which allows us to develop effective solutions personalized to your product’s requirements. With a versatile approach we swiftly customize test plans to your specific project requirements and products at any stage of development.

Our test automation includes

Test automation strategy development

Test environment setup and configuration

API testing

Automated UI testing

Automated test data generation

Performance testing

Test script migration from legacy frameworks

CI/CD pipeline implementation